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Modes of Criticism 5 - Design Systems
판매가격 : 20,000
적립금 :1,000
저자 :Modes of Criticism
출판사 : onomatopee [출판사 바로가기]
크기 :135 x 210 mm
페이지수 :118
언어 :영어
디자인 :Francisco Laranjo
ISBN :978-94-93148-21-5
구매수량 :
총 금액 :

Within graphic design, the concept of systems is profoundly rooted in form. Starting from a series of design research residencies in the context of the Porto Design Biennale, this volume proposes a variety of perspectives - social, cultural, political - to challenge this deeply engrained tradition.


Graphic Design Systems, and the Systems of Graphic Design
Francisco Laranjo
Design Systems, Porto Design Biennale Research Residencies
Luiza Prado & Pedro Oliveira, ACED, Ruben Pater, Demystification Committee
One Size Fits All
Ruben Pater
Fluttering Code: A Cultural and Aesthetic History of the Split-flap Display
Shannon Mattern
Anything with a Shape Cannot Be Broken
Ian Lynam
Co-Creating Empowering Economic Systems – Strategies for Action
Brave New Alps
Lining Out

Georgina Voss

Luiza Prado’s work engages with material and visual culture through the lenses of decolonial and queer theories. She is part of the design education duo A Parede and a founding member of Decolonising Design. www.a-pare.de
Pedro Oliveira is a researcher, sound artist, and educator working in, with, and around decolonial and sonic thinking. He is one half of the design education duo A Parede and a founding member of Decolonising Design.
Belle Phromchanya’s work focuses on visual research, documentary film, installation, and public events; displaying personal explorations of shifting political and social realities. In 2016, , she co-founded ACED with Noortje van Eekelen, an institute for design, art, and journalism based in Amsterdam with the aim to promote interdisciplinarity between the artistic and journalistic fields. www.aced.site
Ruben Pater is a designer at a moment in time when more design is the last thing the world needs. In search for ethical alternatives he designs, writes, and teaches. He lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. www.untold-stories.net
The Demystification Committee studies the intensities of late capitalism. Established in 2016, the Demystification Committee is chaired from London and Berlin. www.demystification.co
Shannon Mattern is Professor at The New School for Social Research. Her writing and teaching focus on media architectures and infrastructures and spatial epistemologies. She has written books about libraries, maps, and the history of urban intelligence, and she contributes a column to Places Journal. wordsinspace.net
Ian Lynam is a graphic designer and design teacher based in Tokyo, Japan. He is faculty at the MFA Program in Graphic Design at Vermont College of Fine Arts and faculty at Temple University Japan, as well as 2019 Visiting Critic at CalArts.
Brave New Alps are a design practice based in the Italian Alps. They produce participatory design projects that engage people in reconfiguring the politics of social and environmental issues. They combine design research methods with radical pedagogy, feral approaches to community economies and lots of DIY making and organising.
Georgina Voss is an artist, writer, and educator. She is a Reader in Systems and Deviance at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, where she is also co-founder and lead of Supra Systems Studio.
Francisco Laranjo is a graphic designer and researcher. He is co-director of the design research centre Shared Institute, Porto, Portugal.

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